Farrar Construction Services

Farrar Construction Services is a leader in providing construction management services in the greater Orlando area. With plans to expand both geographically and in the scope of services, Farrar was looking to strengthen its brand, bring organization and a consistent design standard to its marketing collateral to improve its presence in a very competitive industry.

A/E/C PROFESSIONAL SERVICES   |    Consulting + Collateral

Scope of Services

Copywriting + editing

Customized proposals

Graphic design

Proposal  production

Strategic messaging

Strategic planning

Indigo created a customized “winning” proposal that landed them one of their biggest contracts plus entry into a new market. Proposal templates were also developed for the company’s future pursuits—designed to complement their logo design. The templates included new covers, dividers, project profiles, resumes, graphics, and visual data design, plus over 66 custom text, object, table, and GREP styles.