Customer Relationship Management

Do you have the information knowledge you need for the next must-win project?



A well-developed CRM is key to effectively nurturing leads.

We love it when a client wants to set up a customer relationship management system.   This means you are serious about understanding where your business is coming from and strategically tracking and monitoring each stage of your sales cycle.

​How we can help you with your CRM

  • Software Selection: Recommend a CRM system best suited to your needs and budget

  • Setup: Plan and design a system to your requirements

  • Development: Data entry and data management services

  • Customize: Configure your CRM conversion

  • Training:  Personalized program and support materials

  • Templates: Email marketing, reports, and proposal export configuration

  • Support: Customizations and system assistance

Benefits of a Well-Developed CRM Database
  • Track customer and prospect data in one place

  • Track all marketing and sales activities

  • Access and update all of your contact data from anywhere

  • Website contact info data straight to your CRM database

  • Sync data with email marketing systems

  • Sync your marketing and customer data with sales and customer support functions

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